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Mini Dance (2.5 years - 4 years)

Ballet, Tap & Jazz/Acro

Kid's & Teen (5 years - 17 years)
pre-competitive & Competitive Programs Available

Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Tumbling & Stretch, Lyrical/Contemporary and Musical Theatre
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Mini BalleT

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Class Descriptions


A combination of dance and gymnastics, learn acrobatic tricks and ways to increase your flexibility and strength.
Advanced Acro students must have the ability to do front and back walkovers on their own.


Helps to improve flexibility and works on increasing stamina through high energy dancing. 
Jazz Technique classes available.

Musical Theatre

It's just like being on Broadway! Combine dance techniques with acting and lip syncing to your favourite Broadway songs.

Tumbling & Stretch

An additional class that Acro students are encouraged to take. It helps to increase body strength and improve flexibility while learning gymnastics tumbling tricks. 

Mini Dance

As an introduction to dance we focus on teaching the foundation and basic techniques of dance while encouraging fun and creativity.


Develops poise, balance, and grace through classical dance. Ballet is the core of all dance techniques.


An upbeat, high energy class that focuses on urban dance techniques and helps to improve physical fitness. .    


Through rhythm, Tap helps to improve coordination and stamina.


Develop strength and emotion by combining the grace and control of ballet with jazz techniques.